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Motivational Humorous & Keynote Speaker, Funny Motivational Speaker

Doug Dvorak is a professional corporate motivational speaker providing unique programs using laughter to convey an inspirational message. If you are seeking motivational humorous speakers in Chicago or clean comedians for corporate events, call Doug Dvorak for a funny motivational speaker and Certified Speaking Professional, CSP.

A Certified Speaking Professional Is a professional designation for a corporate keynote speaker from the National Speakers Association, which is the standard for judging expertise of motivational keynote speakers. As a motivational speaker for business, Doug Dvorak presents topics infused with humor to encourage listeners to achieve personal and business success.

Laughter is an effective tool for building connections, engaging the audience and motivating people and humorous keynote speakers use this to their advantage. The effectiveness of laughter can be seen in the rise of laughter therapy, laughter yoga and laughter clubs in cities throughout the country. Keynote laughter speakers or clean corporate comedians engage and entertain audiences. Doug Dvorak is an experienced Second City Improvisational Actor and motivational speaker offering a fresh approach with his unique character Dr. Earnest Carpediem.

Whether you are looking for motivational speakers in Chicago for a conference, workshop or other corporate event, Doug Dvorak is a clean corporate humorist with the ability to use laughter to convey your core business objectives and motivate your employees or customers. Please browse our website to learn more about this clean corporate comedian, his innovative programs, and listen to a recorded sample to see the quality of the presentation.

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