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What is a Certified Speaking Professional?

A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) is designated by the National Speakers Association (NSA) as a professional inspirational motivational speaker. When a speaker has this designation, it is an indication of professional speaking skill and it means that the speaker has met the requirements of the NSA. Doug Dvorak met the strict NSA criteria early in his career, which makes him one of less than eight percent of NSA members having earned the CSP designation.

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Speaking Professional

  • Experience as a motivational speaker for business
  • Professional credentials
  • Proven track record of expertise and ethical business practices
  • Enhance your message with a funny motivational speaker
  • A keynote laughter speaker offers memorable presentations
  • Appropriate topics that motivate and inspire
  • Makes planning your event easier

What is the National Speakers Association?

The National Speakers Association is a professional organization of motivational speakers in Chicago and around the United States. The NSA is committed to enhance its members and the field of motivational speaking with educational programs and resources, as well as conveying the Certified Speaking Professional credential to qualified members. There are approximately 3500 members within the organization and about 8% of these members have attained the CSP designation.

What are the Requirements for a Certified Speaking Professional?

  • Membership in NSA
  • Must subscribe to the NSA Code of Professional Ethics
  • Has served at least 100 clients in the past 5 years
  • Minimum of 250 professional speaking engagements in the past 5 years
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Excellent client ratings
  • Must submit professional promotional materials
  • Participate in continuing education in the field through programs offered by the NSA

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