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Clean Corporate Humor

Doug Dvorak maintains a professional code of ethics, however, he also believes deeply in the art of humor and the benefits it provides an audience in almost any setting. So much in fact that he created the infamous character Dr. Earnest Carpediem™. If you don’t know this fact already, the phrase carpe diem stands for seize the day! A message that Doug carries with him everywhere he goes.

As a clean corporate humorist Doug Dvorak & Dr. Carpediem strive to provide personalized presentations that match the goals of your specific conference or corporate meeting. However, Doug and the Doctor go all out to make sure attendees aren’t left sitting through a lecture or a monotone speech. They make the audience laugh and keep humor well integrated in the overall message that is being delivered throughout the duration of the presentation.

Doug brings clean corporate comedy that stimulates audiences not only with humor but also empower audiences with a greater sense of personal strength through inspirational and motivational messages. Most clean corporate comedians don’t realize the level of empowerment and encouragement that is pertinent to bring to corporate events, which Doug never fails to miss.

Having spoken to and motivated over ONE MILLION people Doug truly knows how to seize the day and his goal is to coach others on how they can do the same. Doug has traveled to all 50 United States and has visited over 107 countries. He graduated from the renowned comedy school of the Second City in Chicago Illinois and today he is seen as one of the BEST clean corporate comedians and professional speakers.

While using clean corporate humor in his presentations and workshops, Doug remains one of the world’s most sought-after sales training consultants, professors, teachers and life coaches in the corporate world today. He incorporates his humor, work experience, educational training and traveling experiences through his various workshops; mentoring, motivating and inspiring each and every audience member to realize how to get what he or she wants out of life.

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