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Client Comments

Thank you for your excellent presentation. I overheard several people commenting about your program and the things you emphasized such as laughter as a means to communicate, and the need to set goals and self-motivation. Your interesting and creative style assists you in delivering a unique message to your audience. Great job Dr. C.

Joel Levy
Director of Human Resources, Trump Hotel & Casino

Having organized the agenda and speakers for our Kickoff meetings for the last four years, I must tell you that your presentation generated the most feedback I have ever received . . . even though your message was humorous, people actually found inspiration in your message . . . this was the best Kickoff meeting we have had in years.

Amy Graver
IBM Services Manager

Your presentation added inspiration and put a smile on everyone’s face.

G. Thomas Kelly
Executive Manager, Ritz-Carlton Chicago

You are indeed the best practitioner I have heard of in a long time to accomplish serious results with the proper dose of corporate message and humor

Ron Shaw
President & CEO, Pilot Corporation of America

Your energy motivated everyone to participate, you even had them dancing!

Paul A. Lundberg

Convention Co-Chair, Lund Industries

Your presentation was innovative and creative, and conveyed our corporate mission statment precisely.

Shael Bellows

President, First Healthcare Associates

The laughter and delight you spread around the room went a long way in leaving our team feeling upbeat and more positive about themselves. I received many positive comments, all accompanied with a smile and gleam in the eyes.

Chuck Barnard

Regional Manager, Tennis Corporation of America

Your professionalism and high degree of energy made our event a tremendous success. You have a very powerful message weaved within your hysterical antics.

Edward Morris

Vice President, Merrill Lynch

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