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For Meeting Planners

As a Certified Professional Speaker, Doug Dvorak has been the keynote motivational speaker at meetings, conferences and civic events for many groups, non-profit organizations and Fortune 1000 corporations. In his role as a motivational speaker for business, Doug works with meeting planners to personalize presentations. These presentations are designed to allow the audience to easily understand and learn tailored and specific key points.

If you are a meeting planner, we can provide you with a preview of Doug’s speech for your review and planning needs. Live action clips of Doug Dvorak’s laughter yoga and in action as a funny motivational speaker can be found on the website and on You Tube. We can direct you to live action clips. You can also view more serious keynote demo video here. Doug Dvorak Demo Video.

Depending on the speaking service you choose, we will provide you with helpful materials on Doug’s program. We will provide you with a pre-program questionnaire to collect information that may be helpful during Doug’s presentation. When you have selected the service or topic you require, we will send the appropriate information to you.

Please browse our website to learn more about Doug Dvorak’s experience as one of the funniest and most inspiring motivational speakers in Chicago. Doug also travels around the nationwide and worldwide. We encourage you browse read Doug’s blog and current newsletter and learn more about Doug’s style as a keynote laughter speaker.

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